AC 365: Aug 14 2010

Type: Beer, Gin
Brand: San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Red Horse, GSM Blue
Pulutan: Cheetos Crunchy (nux ibang level!)
Venue: Guijo / Merville
Occassion: Silip Rinigan 2010 / Xbox Nights
With: Kin, Red, Gelo, Greg, Mike

Una ang lahat, ang sarap talaga ng Amber's pichi-pichi with cheese. Kumain muna kami dun nila Kin bago pumunta ng Saguijo for Silip Rinigan <3 Nyom Nyom. We didn't go inside Saguijo anymore because there's a Php150 door fee :/ We bought drinks instead at the new bar right across the street, which used to be the "fancy turo-turo place." Beer is relatively cheap at Php35 a bottle, considering it's Makati. The place's interior is kinda cool as well, although quite small. A little after midnight, we headed to Merville to meet with the south boys. Gin by the park is really a nice way to celebrate Saturday evenings (para sa akin, bakit ba).

We played Tekken 6...

until God said, "Let there be light"

Good morning!!!

AC 365: Aug 13 2010

Type: Beer
Brand: Red Horse
Pulutan: Kendi
Venue: Mogwai Cubao X
Occassion: Manila Design Week 2010
With: Gelo, Red

Before Cubao X, I met with the AAI friends for dinner at Ortigas Home Depot. Sheila, Laila, and I stuffed our faces with 3/4 kg buttered garlic shrimp, 1kg baked oyster, and 1 bowl of rice at the nearby "Dampa" LOL GRABE SAKIT SA TIYAN AND SA BULSA.

Paluto is expensive. Say, if you have 1kg of oysters that you want to be baked, you'll have to pay Php120. Fee for cooking buttered garlic shrimps is priced at Php180 for 1kg. Eh kaya ko naman magluto nun :( Pero para maiba naman, I suggested dampa because I know Lai needs some comfort food <3 Alan, Ms.Fran, and Ian came in REALLY LATE so we transferred to Jalapenos where we stayed until midnight. My companions went home and I went to Cubao X for Manila Design Week 2010. Kupal nga eh, the bouncers didn't allow us at first to enter the site. LIKE, WTF. Di po kami orcs, excuse. Buti na lang some guy talked to the security and we were allowed to go in. FAAAK BAKIT AKO PARANG KOLEHIYALA MAGSULAT. "buti na lang some guy talked to the security.." I should write a blog post in bekimon soon. Anyway....

Hello hipsters, gargantuan Manila Beer balloon bottle, and drunk kitteh!!!

Met with Red and stayed at Mogwai until closing time...

and until Cubao X was finally hipster-free:

Aaah, joy. 4:30am. nyt!

AC 365: Aug 7 2010

Type: Beer
Brand: Red Horse
Pulutan: Pizza (nux!)
Venue: Merville Park / Lancaster Suites
Occassion: Wala lang / Mike's Bday
With: Merville Peepz / Manila Peepz

Saturday is inuman day, mostly at Merville. Gelo and I played a lot of Tekken 6 first before going to Jarwin's place for drinks. May litson and isda na pulutan, pero di ko masyado trip kasi busog pa ko. The girls asked me if I wanted The Bar, I politely declined kasi I like beer more. After several shots, Gelo, Greg and I drove to Lancaster Suites at Shaw Boulevard for Mike's birthday party. They had a 2-bedroom unit which I booked online via Agoda at a cheap rate of Php5,200 (tax inclusive). It was my first time at Lancaster so I was really surprised when I saw the place. The room was nice as much as the basement parking was hell. We'll probably hold our barkada Christmas party here. :)

AC 365: Aug 6 2010

Type: Beer, Hard
Brand: San Miguel, Skyy
Pulutan: WALA SHET
Venue: Chilis Tomas Morato / The Reserve Liquor Lounge
Occassion: Wala lang
With: Kin

I planned on staying in on Friday night because I'm a loser like that. Then Kin _demanded_ for drinks so I thought, yeah we could drink at Chilis then mebbe have late kebab at Behrouz k! Around 10:30pm I arrived at Morato, Kin was already there with a laptop to keep her company. I bought vodka inside the cutest small golden box and some cute shot glasses as well. Lol, puritas. BCZ I DON'T WANT TO PAY PHP200 FOR A VODKA SHOT, I HAVE THEM AT HOME TNX. It was already almost midnight when my companion had a crazy idea of jumping into a cab and heading out to The Reserve Liquour Lounge at City Golf Plaza Julia Vargas (the one beside Ortigas Home Depot). Being the impulsive persons that we are, we decided to leave Morato for Ortigas. Lulz. We love The Reserve because the place, crowd, and music are REALLY REALLY OKAY. Mostly yuppies who dress really well, but not in a slutty or what-the-fuck-i-am-rich-and-you-are-not-way. It's quite small though so it gets really crowded during peak hours. Drinks (premium beers, alcohol by the bottle) are on the expensive side (Jose Cuervo shot Php240, bottle Php1600) compared to Distillery and Pivo. Food menu is mostly Japanese (it's a sushi lounge!!!) and the usual bar munchis. But we like it there because because because they play Pon de Floor (and some Justin Bieber too, lulz). Oh, yeah, there's free wifi too.

we had kebab at Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub (also at City Golf) before The Reserve. it find it kinda meh, but at least it's not that expensive. :)

Happy International Beer Day!

Tagay Ta!!!

AC 365: Aug 02 2010

Type: Hard
Brand: Bacardi, Martini, Baileys, Kahlua, Skyy
Pulutan: Cheese Balls
Venue: Dulo ng Pagasa
Occassion: Wala lang
With: Kin

It's my first time to mix a martini! Need to buy a decent bottle of Dry Gin soon. Bombay Sapphire, perhaps?

We were watching "One More Chance" while drinking.

Held back tears.

AC 365: Aug 01 2010

Type: Beer
Brand: San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Red Horse
Pulutan: Mani, Mentos
Venue: Merville Park, PQ
Occassion: Wala lang
With: Gelo, Greg, Mike


by the park <3

final count