AC 365: Aug 7 2010

Type: Beer
Brand: Red Horse
Pulutan: Pizza (nux!)
Venue: Merville Park / Lancaster Suites
Occassion: Wala lang / Mike's Bday
With: Merville Peepz / Manila Peepz

Saturday is inuman day, mostly at Merville. Gelo and I played a lot of Tekken 6 first before going to Jarwin's place for drinks. May litson and isda na pulutan, pero di ko masyado trip kasi busog pa ko. The girls asked me if I wanted The Bar, I politely declined kasi I like beer more. After several shots, Gelo, Greg and I drove to Lancaster Suites at Shaw Boulevard for Mike's birthday party. They had a 2-bedroom unit which I booked online via Agoda at a cheap rate of Php5,200 (tax inclusive). It was my first time at Lancaster so I was really surprised when I saw the place. The room was nice as much as the basement parking was hell. We'll probably hold our barkada Christmas party here. :)

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