AC 365: Aug 14 2010

Type: Beer, Gin
Brand: San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Red Horse, GSM Blue
Pulutan: Cheetos Crunchy (nux ibang level!)
Venue: Guijo / Merville
Occassion: Silip Rinigan 2010 / Xbox Nights
With: Kin, Red, Gelo, Greg, Mike

Una ang lahat, ang sarap talaga ng Amber's pichi-pichi with cheese. Kumain muna kami dun nila Kin bago pumunta ng Saguijo for Silip Rinigan <3 Nyom Nyom. We didn't go inside Saguijo anymore because there's a Php150 door fee :/ We bought drinks instead at the new bar right across the street, which used to be the "fancy turo-turo place." Beer is relatively cheap at Php35 a bottle, considering it's Makati. The place's interior is kinda cool as well, although quite small. A little after midnight, we headed to Merville to meet with the south boys. Gin by the park is really a nice way to celebrate Saturday evenings (para sa akin, bakit ba).

We played Tekken 6...

until God said, "Let there be light"

Good morning!!!


Fickle Cattle said...

San Mig Pale Pilsen. Video games. Friends.


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Jenny said...

Like it the most..