AC 365: Aug 13 2010

Type: Beer
Brand: Red Horse
Pulutan: Kendi
Venue: Mogwai Cubao X
Occassion: Manila Design Week 2010
With: Gelo, Red

Before Cubao X, I met with the AAI friends for dinner at Ortigas Home Depot. Sheila, Laila, and I stuffed our faces with 3/4 kg buttered garlic shrimp, 1kg baked oyster, and 1 bowl of rice at the nearby "Dampa" LOL GRABE SAKIT SA TIYAN AND SA BULSA.

Paluto is expensive. Say, if you have 1kg of oysters that you want to be baked, you'll have to pay Php120. Fee for cooking buttered garlic shrimps is priced at Php180 for 1kg. Eh kaya ko naman magluto nun :( Pero para maiba naman, I suggested dampa because I know Lai needs some comfort food <3 Alan, Ms.Fran, and Ian came in REALLY LATE so we transferred to Jalapenos where we stayed until midnight. My companions went home and I went to Cubao X for Manila Design Week 2010. Kupal nga eh, the bouncers didn't allow us at first to enter the site. LIKE, WTF. Di po kami orcs, excuse. Buti na lang some guy talked to the security and we were allowed to go in. FAAAK BAKIT AKO PARANG KOLEHIYALA MAGSULAT. "buti na lang some guy talked to the security.." I should write a blog post in bekimon soon. Anyway....

Hello hipsters, gargantuan Manila Beer balloon bottle, and drunk kitteh!!!

Met with Red and stayed at Mogwai until closing time...

and until Cubao X was finally hipster-free:

Aaah, joy. 4:30am. nyt!

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